Ends on February 15, 2019

Gigantic Sequins is a print literary arts journal whose issues come out twice a year. Twice a year, we read submissions for these issues. When our current issue debuts, we select a few pieces from the most recent past issue to publish online.


Please upload either one long (up to ~4000 words) essay/ memoir excerpt or up to 3 short (~1000 words each) pieces of flash non-fiction/micro non-fiction for our consideration. Any submissions outside of these specifications will be disregarded.

We highly recommend you become familiar with what we've published in the past before sending us any work. We publish select online archives from each past issue online, and we sell copies of our print literary arts journal for revolutionarily low prices. 

There is no need for a cover letter at this stage, though you may include one. If your piece is accepted, we will ask you for a bio at that time.

If a more specific genre label is important to our understanding of your work, specify in your cover letter under what heading you'd like for us to consider it, e.g. "memoir" or "personal essay" or "lyric essay". 

Gigantic Sequins accepts simultaneous submissions as long as the writer withdraws his/her work if any work is accepted elsewhere. Please do not email us to withdraw; use the Submittable system. There are instructions here on how to withdraw and also how to make a partial withdraw.

Please only submit ONCE (either one longer work or up to three shorter works) during this open submissions period. If you hear back from us before the submission period ends, please wait until our next open period to submit again.

Failure to follow our guidelines may result in your submission going unread by our readers and editors.