Ends on August 15, 2017

Does your piece not fall into the fiction/poetry/creative non-fiction categories? We are interested in printing anything that can fit on one of our pages, as long as it's something we love. We would love, for example, to publish really short/one-act plays, or hybrid works that defy the strict genre labels as they're presented here.

Please note that we use genre names within our book to guide our readers, and even if you are writing in a hybrid genre, we would still like to be able to call it something, so let us know what that something "is". We're happy to call it "hybrid work" if that's what you think it should be called, for instance. Please make sure that what you're writing doesn't fall into one of our other open categories before submitting it here. For instance, we consider "lyric essays" along with "poetry," so indicate in your cover letter or subject space that a lyric essay is in fact a lyric essay and upload it there.

Please upload up to 3 pieces for our review. Please upload separate files for separate stories. There is no need for a cover letter or bio at this stage. Gigantic Sequins accepts simultaneous submissions as long as the writer lets us know immediately if their work has been accepted elsewhere. Please only submit once (up to three pieces) in this genre.
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